Top Best Mileage Bike in India 2017


When you are going to buy a two wheeler then definitely you will ask for it’s mileage. Apart from this Festival season is on the door, in which a lot of attractive offers will let you to buy 2 wheeler for your usage. In this festival season of coming Diwali and end of the Year, Two wheeler companies also want to sell their all 2017 Models two wheeler whether it may be bike or scooty. Here I am listing “Top Best Mileage Bike in India 2017” which are also stood first in price range also. So for what you are waiting, let us directly land at the discussion page.

1.  Hero Splendor iSmart

Bike Features:-

  • This Hero bike comes with advanced I3S Technology
  • For the premium look of the bike, the color used is Dual toned color scheme
  • It is complied with the 97.2 Cubic Centimeter air cooled turbo engine which make it to run smoothly
  • It have inbuilt start-stop technology
  • The price of this bike is upto Rs.50000/-
  • The most awaited thing is that it’s mileage is approx 102.5 Km/h

2.  Bajaj Platina CT 100



Bike Features:-

  • After the Hero Splendor iSmart 2nd most mileage providing bike is Bajaj Platina CT 1000
  • It has been built up with 99.3 Cubic centimeter Single Cylinder engine which is Air Cooled
  • This is nice bike with a very good mileage
  • It is compiled with Alloy wheel, A sport graphics and much wide spread tyres
  • And the main point of view is it’s recommended average 99.1 Km/h
  • Ex-Show Room price of this Bike is in the range 0f Rs.40000/-

3.  Bajaj Platina 100ES

Bike Features:-

  • On the third position of our discussion list is also from Bajaj from which Platina 100 ES glorifies it
  • This Bike contains 102 Cubic centimeter Single Cylinder Air cooled engine
  • By the upcoming of this bike in the Market, it makes an incredible selling hits and by the upcoming of this bike, a new era of Cheap and good mileage started up
  • In this Bike inbuilt features are of Alloy wheel, SNS Suspension and high resolution Graphics
  • And coming to Mileage point of view, it runs 96.9 kilometer for an hour in one litre fuel
  • Talking about it’s Ex-Showroom price which is pegged at approx Rs.43,241/-

4.  TVS Sports

Bike Features:-

  • TVS had landed modified version of it’s Sports Bike in last year, from then Onward Two wheeler lovers stared their eyes on TVS Sports bike
  • It contains 99.7 Cubic centimeter single cylinder Air cooled engine which is perfect to run on even and odd ways
  • Inbuilt features like Aluminium grab railing, sports instrument cluster, electric start gear etc make it superb
  • Valuable feature of Mileage , it run 95 kilometer for one liter fuel
  •   Ex-Show Room price of this bike stood at Rs.37,200/- which is an affordable price

5.  Hero Splendor Pro

Bike Features:-

  • 5th place in price and mileage is grabbed by the Hero’s most liked bike “Splendor pro”
  • The new version is splendor, earlier it was Spender +
  • The new Model contains many awesome features like New fuel tank, New clear glass speedometer, new grab rail, new electric start, new graphics which make it’s sitting in top list
  • It contains 97.2 Cubic centimeter 4 stroke single cylinder engine
  • Mileage point is at 93.1 kilometer in one liter
  • Ex-Show room price of this bike is Rs.46700/- aapprox.



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