Top 7 Earphone to be used by New Youtuber for audio Recording in India


A sequence of list is present on internet if you search for best earphone to record your Youtube Videos. If you are a Youtube creator then you will definitely give preference to best earphone having a good quality sound recording. You may even use them for singing purpose also. Also you find these earphone economically viable. So let us directly land at discussion pattern-

1. iPhone 5s Earphone

Product details:
  • Clear voice recording
  • Light weight and compact in shape and size
  • A warranted product
  • No humming sound issue 
  • A large reduction in background noise 
  • Much sensitive as compared to other earphones
  • Can be used in any Andriod phone and laptop
  • Best suited for low bugdet,

2. iBall Musfit2 Stereo Bass Earphone

Product details:
  • Automatic noise reduction
  • Responsive in reducing unusual sound 
  • Small size and compact in design
  • A nice look
  • Designed to softly fit in ear
  • Microphone  sensitive but less than iPhone 5s
  • Clear and crisp voice recording
  • Background noise reduced to a large extent

3.  Vivo Andriod phone Earphone- A large series of Vivo phone are launched in India. All accessories Vivo Phone are of nearly equal standard to that of iPhone series. The earphone of Vivo Andriod phone is also of same standard that of iPhone.

Product details:

  • A much standard recording inbuilt microphone
  • Reduction in air pressure while speaking
  • Light in weight and a awesome look
  • Available in Black,white and much more colours
  • A long durability
  • Microphone button and also listen facility when microphone button pressed
  • Amble bass sound

4.  Brainwavz Omega Earphone

Product details:

  • All technical specifications and much more basic features
  • Quick performance
  • Rigid making and easy to use
  • Require more budget than above mentioned earphones
  • Proper noise isolation
  • Inbuilt high quality microphone
  • Perfect for recording audio for Youtube

5. Sony MDR-EX150AP

Product details:

  • Softly fit in ear
  • earphone border covered by much elastic rubber
  • No ear pain issue in listening music
  • Sound recording is perfect
  • When audio editing is accompanied by audacity then quality comes out equal to condenser microphone
  • Easy to carry
  • Full elastic and stretchable wire
  • No harm when accidentally wire got stretched
  • Noise reduction inbuilt feature
  • Available on Amazon and flipkart in reasonable price


6.  JBL C150si

Product details:

  • Aligned output speaker make it easy to fit in the ears
  • Microphone is of good quality, New Youtuber can choose it
  • Available in comfortable budget
  • 3-4 colors are available
  • Best feature is that Microphone is built at such a location that it automatically come in front of mouth, hence easy to use while recording audio, no need to use your hand to hold microphone in front of your mouth
  • Available on Amazon India and Flipkart
  • Microphone quality is very much satisfactory


7.  Mi in-earphone 

Product details:

  • Available in white and black color
  • Quality is no doubt nice which can be easily judged from the schedule of Mi which is not providing earphone to the new phone buyer
  • Sound recording is just equivalent to iPhone series Earphones
  • Outer border having metallic film hence have much more durability
  • Available in Amazon India and Flipkart
  • Available in reasonable price
  • Recommended microphone Quality
  • Easy to carry in pocket and having fully elastic cable which make it unharmed when got immediate jerk.

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