Best Apps to make Youtube Videos from Android phone


If you are a Youtuber and if you are lack of budgets or there is some problem with your PC then you have landed at the right place where you will find “Best Apps to make Youtube Videos from Android phone“. Talking from recording device to video making all tools are available here. Many Youtubers face difficulties in mixing audio and videos correctly. Here you will find all solutions of your problems. The following list of Android application will make you full fledge in video editing.

1. Videoshow Android App

  • Videoshow is an amazing Android application which makes one able to make awesome slideshow. Initially when you will install it then you may face some difficulties.
  • The videoshow logo in the bottom of slideshow or watermark is removable which can be removed by installing an advertised android app. After installing that android app your watermark will be temporarily removed for 24 hours and result is amazing output.
  •  By default this app is provided with some awesome themes which can be used for slideshow videos. If you are not satisfied with these themes then you can install innumerable themes from it’s store.
  • Another factor is of background music which can be reduced to desired extent so that your voice over can be easily listened by the viewers.
  • If you want to that any image may be slided for longer time then it is also possible. An image can be showed for an maximum of 10 seconds which is much satisfactory.

2.  Talk Free

  • This Android software is known for it’s best text to speech function.
  • A ample number of languages are available which you can install in small data usage
  • You just have to paste your language text in the space provided and you will find awesome audio output
  • If you are lazy in pasting or not satisfied by any copied text then you can choose speech to text here which will be correctly recognised by the app and you will find it very easy to use
  • After completing the text work you just have to click on top right side from where clicking on the export audio, you can save the audio in your phone storage
  • The best feature of this android app is that it automatically makes an folder in your storage named as “Talk” from where you can pick your saved audio

3.  Inshot Video Editor

  • Next in the list is an recommended audio video mixer named as Inshot in Android play store
  • This app has large no of features, first and foremost you can mix videos and audios of any format, secondly you can remove undesired part from the video and audio for correctly mixing of them
  • If there is any portion in your video which you want to hide then also you can use a large no of freely available stickers
  • Next if you want to mix two videos then you can do it simply clicking on the plus symbol

4.  A to Z Screen Recorder

  • If you do not want to add computer voice in your videos then this app is the best option
  • This is an simply app which will record your screen along with your speak over audio
  • Apart from this this screen recorder can be easily used to explain any documents after connecting bluetooth mouse to your android smartphone

Above were the best analysed applications for Youtubers which are definitely wonderful.  These “Best Apps to make Youtube Videos from Android phone” will make you fully independent and you did not have to search further more in Android play store.

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