Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of Pre 1990 Pensioners

Pension/Family Pension

A large no of attempts are put By the Govt of India to Revise the pension/Family pension of pre-2016 retired employees.Here also Revision of Pension/Family Pension in respect of Pre 1990 Pensioners will be discussed in details with the list of pensioner/family pensioners which are due for revision and feasible only by approaching the concerned department.


As per enclosed list

Subject: Revision of Pension /Family Pension in respect of Pre 1990 reg.


Central Pension Account Office(CPAO) has provided of 441 pensioners/family pensioners of Pre 1990 retired pensioner.

All the Pensioners/Family Pensioners are requested to contact their respective offices from where they had retired along with duly filled up enclosed proforma with supporting documents for further necessary actions.

Narendera Mohan Gupta

Section Officer

Adm 1


(Name & address Head of Office -from where retired)




Subject:- Revision of Pension/Family Pension pre-2016 pensioners/family pensioners on the bases of pay Matrix prescribed by 7th CPC

Ref:Deptt. of Pension & Pensioner’s Welfare OM No.38/37/2016-P&PW(A) dt.12/05/2017 Ministry of Finance (Deptt. of Expenditure) O.M.No.1/13/EV/2017 dated 23rd May,2017


I am the central government Pensioner/my spouse retired from the above cited central Government Department. I hereby apply for the revision of my pension/Family pension in terms of government orders cited above. My details are as under:-


2.Designation on retirement

3.Date of Retirement

4.Pay and Pay Scale on retirement

5.PPO No.(Photo copy of PPO Book Enclosed)

6.Bank Account Details(Name of Bank/Account No/IFSC Code)

7.Present Address:

8.Contact No(Land Line/Mobile No/Email ID)



Yours Faithfully,



Name & Address

Mobile No:-




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Source:- CPAO

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