Procedure for Generating Jeevan Pramaan / Digital life Certificate online from Android/PC

Pension/Family Pension

Pre-Requisites for Digital Life Certificate Generation
i) The pensioner must have a Aadhaar number
ii) The pensioner must have an existing mobile number
iii) Registration of the Aadhaar number with Pension Disbursing Agency ( bank
Post Office etc) should have been done already
iv) Biometric device (list of supported devices is given on the JP portal)
v) PC with Windows 7.0 & above Android Mobile/Tablet 4.0 & above
vi) Internet Connectivity
4. Generation of Digital Life Certificate – Where & How
The Pensioners can either Generate DLC themselves or Let Others do it for them. The
Pensioner can register and get a JP/DLC done at the below places:
i) Pensioner can download the JP application (Generate DLC themselves) from the
JP Portal & install client application
on android based smart Phone/tablet or Windows PC/Laptop for DLC generation.
ii) Pensioner can visit any nearest Centre (having facilities for digital services) like
the Citizen Service Centre (CSC), the Government Office /Banks designated for
generating the DLCs and get themselves registered online using their services.
Pensioner might have to pay nominally for this). The All India List of such CSCs
(name & address) in various States across India is posted on JP portal at:
5. The Two Step process with Client Application for the Online DLC:
The Pensioner can download the Jeevan Pramaan Windows & Android client software
from the portal. The client software will take care of registration for the life certificate,

for authentication it will use the Aadhaar Biometric Authentication platform.
To download the application, the pensioner has to provide their e-mail in the online
form available at
This link will be made available after submitting the e-mail address. The pensioner or
the operator needs download the client application as per their requirement.
Generation of DLC using the Client Application Software (the registration and generation of Jeevan Pramaan) gets done in two basic steps:
5.1 Operator Authentication /Device Registration
It is required to authenticate /register the biometric device (this one time only for a
particular biometric device whether it’s the agencies doing the DLC generation or it is  being done by the pensioners herself/himself). The operator / pensioner provide
Aadhaar Number and a Mobile number and receive an OTP which is provided in
the online application form/ software module for registration.

On entering correct OTP, below screen shall be presented. Provide Name & Email ID
and click ‘Scan Finger’. Scan finger-print on finger-print scanner or scan Iris (Eye) on
Iris Scanner connected to PC/mobile/tab.

once the finger-print/Iris is authenticated, the system displays ‘Device Registration
successful’ message on the screen as shown in the screen below. Click on OK.

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  1. “9909 technical error please try later 330” for client registration. my biometric device is mfs100 without otg means only for mobile devices. Plz reason this if you know

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