05 Lakhs EPFO Pensioner’s Pension is stopped because of Aadhar Based Digital Life Certificate, Latest News

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Employees’ Provident Fund Organization i.e. the EPFO ​​has posed a threat to the pension of about 5 lakh pensioners. EPFO has reassured the basis of the living standard of millions of pensioners. Apart from this, the life proof of more than 1 lakh pensioners is pending with the EPFO ​​for approval. On the other hand, the EPFO’s field office has stopped the Pensioners’ pension on a large scale due to non-submission of life certificate. In spite of this directive of EPFO, it has been done that due to non-submission of digital life proof, no pension of any Genuine Pensioners should be stopped.

Pension stopped due to non-submission of digital life proof
EPFO’s Additional Central PF Commissioner, Pension RM Verma has written to all the Additional Central PF Commissioner Zone and all Regional PF Commissioner, in the matter of prevention of pension due to non-submission of life proof. He has said that Head Office has received information that due to non-submission of digital life proof, in some cases the field office has stopped the Pensioners pension. He said that the circular has already been issued before that pension of any Genuine Pensioners should not be stopped due to the fact that he has not submitted the digital life proof. The letter states that strict adherence to this circular should be ensured.

About 4 lakh digital life certification Reject
According to the letter of R.M. Verma, 3,79,643 base-based life certificates submitted by pensioners have been rejected by the field office. Apart from this, 1,35,086 life certificates are pending for approval in the field office. He said that all the Regional Central PF commissioners should review the status of life certificates recovered and ensure the approval of such genuine cases which can be accepted under the instructions issued in this regard. Apart from this, make sure to apply on priority basis in cases of pending life proof.

60 million are pensioners of EPFO
At present, the number of pensioners of EPFO ​​is about 60 lakhs. EPFO gives pension to these pensioners every month. Under the existing rule, minimum pension of EPFO ​​pensioners is Rs 1,000. EPFO pensioners are demanding to increase the minimum pension to at least Rs. 7,500.

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