Best Microphones for Youtube and Studio Recording


Onboard microphone is the only way to start up if you are lack of budget. All the devices whether it may be mobile phone, laptop, camera all devices have in built onboard microphone. But if you want to professionally edit videos for Youtube then Onboard Microphone is not the best option.

Demerits of Onboard Microphone:-

  • No noise reduction facility
  • Noise still remain present after editing with audacity
  • Onboard microphone is the option for you if you don’t have other microphone
  • Background sound capture

No concentration on sound of speaker means all sounds record with same amplitude

Now let us move towards external microphone which may be used for recording Youtube audio or studio sounds. Here we will move from cheaper to costly external microphone.

1.  Mobile Earphone

       Product details:

  • Comes with mostly Handsets, no worry to pay extra. If you have lost it then you can buy easily in reasonable prices
  • Much better than onboard microphone
  • Sound quality satisfactory
  • Available online in just Rs.100/- to Rs.150/-

2.  3.5mm mic Jack Hands Free Clip on Mini Microphone Mic

       Product details:

  • Protective windshield to avoid air disturbance
  • Can be used in both mobile phone and PC/laptop
  • Better Noise Reduction
  • Best option for low budget
  • Clip help to secure it to one place
  • Nicely build but have to hold with hand while recording audio
  • Available on eBay in just Rs.350/-

3.  iBall Rocky Over-Ear Headphones with Mic

       Product details:

  • First of all it comes with 01 year warranty if accidentally got damaged then can be replaced via 01 year warranty period
  • This Mic is much sensitive then above mentioned mics
  • Can be used for recording audio and for listening music
  • Microphone location is just in front of mouth hence can be easily used when worn on ears
  • Microphone comes with popup filter which is very helpful in reducing air impact
  • Noise reduction to a large extent
  • Clear and loud sound
  • Robust construction, hardly got damage when harmed
  • Available on Amazon India and Flipkart
  • Reasonable price of Rs.450/-

4.  Ahuja Dynamic Microphone

       Product details:

  • 6 m cable which can be used for distant voice recording
  • Audio jack come with steel holder which makes it’s construction robust
  • You have to use 3.5 mm splitter male to female jack to connect it in PC/Laptop audio jack
  • Voice quality is really awesome
  • Much better than above mentioned microphone and is of professional standard
  • Available on eBay, Amazon India, Flipkart
  • Have reasonable price between Rs.500/- to Rs.700/-

5.  Generic BM-800 Microphone

        Product details:

  • Premium Quality mic
  • Pop filter avoid wind distrubance
  • May be used with Phantom power supply or without phantom power supply, without phantom power supply it works better
  • A very nice and attractive look
  • Professionally can be used for song recording and Youtube video recording
  • Shock mounted to avoid any jerk distrubance
  • When fitted with stand it make you comfortable while recording
  • Fully metallic construction
  • A very big difference between audio quality between this microphone and others
  • Available on Amazon India, Flikart
  • It will cost you around Rs.1850/-

6.  Snowball Blue USB Microphone

       Product details:

  • High quality premium microphone
  • Connects to PCs/Laptop with USB that is easily available with lengthy cable
  • Comes with inbuilt Stand and easily used as table microphone
  • Available in many colours
  • Recommended microphone
  • Available on Amazon India, Flipkart in price range of Rs.5000/- to Rs.7000/



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