Xiaomi Mi MIX2 Reviews, pros, cons and comparision


This smart phone first version was not launched in India but “Xiaomi Mi Mix2” has been launched in India. In the competition scenario it will compete with One plus five and Samsung premium smart phones. It has so many inbuilt features which are going to surprise the buyers.

Smart phone features:-

  • Datacable with charger adapter can be used to charge and transfer data, Smartphone backside cover
  • The plastic safety case comes with the smartphone totally free which is necessary to keep preserve the beauty of this smartphone
  • The adapter is 9V, 2 Amps which is comfortable with approx all andriod
  • USB type audio converter 3.5 mm jack
  • Outer Frame is 7000 Aluminium quality metallic body and back side is covered by Ceramic which gives a much smart look to this Smartphone
  • A 6 inch full HD Screen with high graphics

Physical Overview:-

  • Front facing camera of 5 MP in the corner on the bottom side if you want a selfie from front camera then you have to rotate the smartphone which is an isolated fetaure.
  • One side is provided with power and volume lock button
  • Left side is provided with removable SIM Card slot which require to Nano SIM to be inserted
  • But it no facility of inserting Micro SD Card because it’s internal memory is of 128 GB
  • In the bottom , this handset is provided with two grill window of which one is for the Microphone and other for the Speaker output, In between both these USB datacable slot is provided
  • Talking about the Rear view of the phone, it comes with the Nice fingerprint sensor, flash and main camera

The flash light provided is dual in nature


  • The Gold letter typing on the back signify “MIX designed by Xiaomi”
  • Camera look is made attractive by providing a gold ring
  • Back side Camera is of 12 MP with high graded features
  • Camera support 4 Axis


  • Snapdragon 835 processor with smooth functioning
  • 6 GB RAM and 128 GB ROM
  • All sensor included like gyroscope, compass, fingerprint sensor etc
  • Battery backup is of 3400 mAh
  • Easy in handling with nice grip


  • 3.5 mm audio Jack is a disappoint feature
  • Battery capacity is reduced as compared to it’s earlier version
  • Most waited figure is of the price which stands at Rs.35999/- which makes it competitor with One plus 5 Smartphone
  • No certification of Internet Protocol address (IP address)
  • No facility of expandable storage
  • SD Card slot is not provided
  • Very competitive in price range with One plus 5 and Honor 8 pro


This Smartphone was launched by Xiaomi in an occasion in New Delhi, on that event everybody was staring. Everybody was eager to know it’s features. As almost all the smartphone has approx same types of features, but customers wait for the exceptional features which make the smartphone different from other. Talking about it’s new feature which is of Front camera location which is fitted on the bottom side corner making using to invert the smartphone for selfie. This feature is surely an exceptional one which makes viewers to look difference. Talking about another feature which is of USB type C2 3.5 audio jack converter. Overall view of this smartphone phone is satisfactory. Let us watch in coming future that how this smartphone lure the buyers

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