5 New Gadgets to buy this Diwali under Rs.300/-


Diwali is coming, so it is very important to know which new gadgets are available on sell in cheap prices. This article is dedicated to buy which new 5 Gadgets to buy this Diwali under Rs.300/-. You can buy these gadgets for your family or your personnel use. So let us directly land on the discussion list.

1.   Rotating LED Bulb

     Product Details:-

  • You can buy it on Amazon in just Rs.225/-
  • An attractive and amazing look
  • Less power consumption
  • A large usage application in malls, dance bars, clubs, party hall etc
  • It contains a large no of different colors LED bulbs making rainbow shape
  • Diwali purchase will make your house and business place glow
  • Can be wall mounted and roof mounted for different applications
  • When these Two or Three bulbs collectively focused then makes an awesome look

2. Sensor Lamp

      Product Details

  • A lot of colors and variations
  • An inbuilt sensor lamp
  • Automatic switch ON/OFF when supply goes off
  • As per amount of investment a lot of mode of the sensor , it may be sleeping mode/ Day/Night mode etc
  • Make your table glow as per attractive standard
  • No fear of keeping out of reach of children because it is using battery DC supply which  children can easily get in touch
  • Available under Rs.300/-

3. LED Shoe Lace

      Products Details:-

  • Awesome room decoration in darkness
  • Shoe color and shoe size does not matter
  • You can even walk in darkness to attractive
  • Available on Amazon India, Flipkart in lass than Rs.300/-
  • Powerful glow using battery supply
  • A sufficient life of these lace making buyer attractive
  • Decoration room require a lot of things to make the viewer lure and this is the best option for your room decoration
  • Small battery can be changed when the inbuilt battery goes down and can be replaced with button cell

4.  UBON USB Mobile Speaker

      Product Details:-

  • The audio jack provided with the speaker can be connected to Laptop, PC, Mobile handset
  • lurable design and small size help in portable usuage
  • crisp and clear sound maker listen to dance up
  • A recommended quality bass
  • No sound fade out problem
  • A long life gadget
  • Now a days ever mobile handset charger is coming with detachable USB Cable, if you do not have a laptop/PC then also you can power these speakers by connecting your mobile charger to the USB port of these speakers
  • It is also available on Amazon India in price range of Rs.300/-, if you are music lover with tendency of less spending then definitely you  can go for it.

5.  RGB Led light strip


      Product Details:-

  • This Diwali definitely you are going to decorative your home then Light strip comes with many attractive feature and reasonable price
  •  Amazon India is giving it’s free home delivery
  • It is fully water proof hence no fear of the water slipped on the product
  • So many colors in rotatable manner make you home shinning in 360 degree
  • Available remote can change the colors of strip which make the viewer to feel pleasent
  • Chargeable battery hence can be used again and again
  • Available on Amazon India within Rs.300/-.

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