Absorbing GDS as PAs in other Division vacancies in respect of unfilled LGO exam (GDS to PAs exam)


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Ref:9/NUGDS/84/2017 18/12/2017
Shri A.N.Nanda.
Chairman Post Board
Department of Posts
Dak Bhavan,
New Delhi 110 001
Sub: Request for absorbing GDS as PAs in other Division vacancies in respect of unfilled LGO exam (GDS to PAs exam) for the year 2013-14 held on 31.07.2016- Result announced on 22.02.2017- Reg.
Ref: GDS to PA exam held on 31-7-16 for 2013/14 vacancies .

The Chairman, Postal Board is aware nearly 40% PA. Vacancies are existing in every circle it will be more in coming days because nearly 25 thousand PA s are going to be retired from 2018 to 2020 . If Department fills up all LGO vacancies with slight modification within the rules it is possible to fill up all LGO vacancies. With hope My Federation submit the case of Tamilnadu to the kind notice to our Secretary, for absorbing GDS employees as PAs in other Division vacancies in respect of GDS to PAs exam (residuary vacancies, exam) held on 31.07.2016, in
which result announced on 22.02.2017, by absorbing in the procedure now adopted to fill up the vacant posts of each division by meritorious marks obtained at Divisional level only, on following grounds:
2) My Fedration wish to state that in the result on 22-2-2017 for above exam, this time only result were announced by filling up PA posts from GDS, upto the extent of No. of vacancies available in each Division. By this process, qualified meritorious candidates are remaining unobserved, even  though many PA posts under Residuary Quota, are remaining as unfilled till date in other Divisions, all over Tamilnadu.
3) It is submitted that in the earlier occasions, the selection and appointment to the cadre of PA/SA from by the selection made at circle level in the position of the merit list. Example: Selection made for 2011 –
2012 vacancies. Similarly, if no vacancy was available in the home division for SC/ST or OBC candidates, they were accommodated in the other divisions vacancies, Ref. 05.11.2013 Declaration of Results,.Item no-9 indicated as follows, “Against the GDS quota vacancies under DR, only the following 4 GDS have qualified and are selected and allotted to the divisions noted against each. Their details are also included along with other DR candidate’s division-wise.” The order made in No.REP/2-2/2011&12/DR  dated Chennai the 05.11.2013 is the evidence for the filling up GDS to PAs posts on circle level as per guidelines prescribed by Dte.Letter. No-60- 2/2014-SPB-I dated on 21-2-2014, (Annexure page No.2, item (E)). Details of circle level selection is given below, for 2010,2011 vacancies.

4) Recently, the same type guidelines were issued by Directorate vide Ref. Letter no 04-02/2017-SPB-I (PT) dated on 27-09-2017, para no-2 indicated as follows: (a) “A candidate shall be allocated to a Postal Circle on the
basis of her/his merit (rank) in CHSLE 2015, in order of preference(option), and vacancy available in a Postal Circle at her/his turn in the category in which she/he has been selected.”
5) It is brought to our Secretary kind notice, there are some lacunas in conducting GDS to PAs exam held on 31.07.2016, for reassessment of results announced already. Hence, In order to implement this circle level panel of qualified GDS, more meaningfully, three steps to be taken in advance as briefed:

i) Revaluing in Paper-1, Part – C section, by adding one more mark to all candidates, on account of wrong question No.67, in which meaning of “Bizarre” was asked for whereas there is no such word in the dictionary. If a change of answer key was permitted, one mark would have been added to the entire candidates. Failure for giving star mark for one question, has resulted in the failure of many GDS in this exam. On previous occasions, in Postman exam & MTS exams and LGOs exams, such change of answer key was allowed by pointing out lapses in the question paper. But, it was not done this time and hence paper-1 result, announced needs revision.
ii) Previous practice was not followed in conducting the exam for vacancies of 2013-14: The No.of selected candidates in Paper-I as per announcement circular, dt.29.09.2016 is 83. But, only 55 candidates have been allowed to appear for Paper II & after two month period from 1st paper exam date. There is no rule to restrict selected candidates in the first paper from appearing for 2nd paper. But, this time only, restrictions have been imposed. By admitting passed candidates for Paper – II exam, 55 qualified GDS have got a selection on circle level. If all selected candidates are
allowed to appear for the Paper II exam, instead of limiting passed candidates at Divisional level.
Ref,Dte,lr.no A-34012/04/2016-DE dated on 14-6-2016 in para no-5. Indicated as follows, “ when the PA/SA DR examination was being conducted by the outsourced agency, the GDS candidates were also appearing for the same
examination for their candidature against unfilled LGO vacancies and a separate merit list was being prepared for them”
Dte, letter no A-34012/04/2016-DE dated 24.06.2016 in para no-2. Indicated as follows “ Some circles has raised queries that they have unfilled LGO vacancies to be offered to GDSs for the years 2012, 2013 and 2014” and
“How These vacancies are to be filled in the light of orders” No.4-5/2015- SPB-I dated 22.06.2016 and 4012/04/2016-DE dated 23.06.2016 of this office.
It has been mentioned in para No.3,sub para No.4, indicated as follows, “ The earlier method is to be applied in following the procedure and pattern ”. It further mentioned in (b) “ Merit- as a separate merit for GDS”.
iii) PA/SA DR, Exam–2014 selected list, the result was announced for PH,EX.SM candidates as per Instructions / guidelines of selection, issued by DOPT OM dated 04.09.1985. It provides that in case of physically handicapped candidates, if the sufficient number of candidates is not available as per General standard, the relaxation given for SC/ST candidates will apply (33%). This is also applicable in respect of Exservicemen candidates. PH / EX.SM posts were filled up by allotting separate quota and selection was made by relaxing minimum qualified marks. Minimum Qualifying Marks for paper-II must be 80 % for UR, 74 % for OBC. But, the selection was made by relaxing minimum qualifying marks. The list of few candidates was filled with many relaxation standards applicable for paper-1 and paper-2., out of 31 candidates

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