Best Professional Camera in India with cheap budget


Here you will find very nice Camera in the comfortable budget having great processing speed and image capture qualities. So for what you are waiting let us directly land on the discussion page:-

1.  Canon 70D

Cameras Silent Features:-

  • Inbuilt Movie Mode Auto Focus
  • Quite fast camera with WiFi which makes easier it transfer files for further editing
  • 19 Point All cross type AF System
  • Composition freedom when using the viewfinder
  • Single card slot
  • A very fast responding viewfinder
  • Superimposed LCD Display which provides 98% view field
  • 3″ LCD, Display maximum resoltion :1040000, 1.8 LBS, 20.2 MP, Auto 100,200,400,800,1600,3200,6400,12800
  • Overall it includes all satisfactory features

2.  SONY ALPHA A6300

Camera Features:-

  • A tremendous capable camera
  • Excellent for Action and sports activities recording
  • Auto focus inbuilt features and 4K Videos are awesome
  • As you all know the battery back up of sony E series is not upto mark
  • Technically advanced with many inbuilt features
  • 3″ display with internal flash
  • It has 1.8 LBS, Optical Zoom 24.2 MP, APS-C Photo Sensor Size
  • 4K Video Resolution

3.  PENTAX K-70

Camera Silent Features:-

  • A recommendable features of this camera is Weather and moisture protection
  • Cheap price with approx all modern new features, no other camera in this price range with these features
  • 4.9/2.9/3.7 inches full overall circumference
  • 24.24 Megapixel, Optical zoom, 1080p video resolution, 2 LBS
  • When this camera was launched, it defeated it’s all competitor in this price range even of higher price range
  • It’s cost in India is approx Rs.1,1000/-

4.  NIKON D7200

Camera Silent Features:-

  • A good design with excellent video quality with EPS DSLR
  • WiFi and NFC Built in for ready to share mode
  • Shoot nice in low light having large ISO Range of 100-25600
  • A much simple movie shooting mode
  • Videography includes Formidable DSLR
  • Able to record Full HD Movies
  • Row of dedicated movie features with movie making freedom
  • It have fixed LCD which is irremovable but include wireless microphone also
  • 3.2″ LCD Display, Auto focus with 100-25600 expandable upto 102400
  • 2.99/5.35/4.21 inches outer circumference
  • 1.49 LBS, 24.2 MP having optical zoom facility
  • APS-C Photo sensor
  • NFC is Inbulit
  • It price range in India is Rs.72450/-

5.  SONY A777II

Camera Silent Features:-

  • Revolutionary New AF Sensor having world record 0f 79 AF Points
  • Best among interchangeable lens digital camera equipped with a dedicated phase detection AF Sensor according to sony research
  • It is a solid fast shooting camera
  • ISL Range transmission quality system with excellent photography in low light
  • High sensitivity settings
  • Also have high density, wide coverage AF System with 79 AF Points of which point s number depends upon lens and shooting mode
  • Auto focus system is fast and quite responding making it most liked by camera lover
  • Unprecedented AF Precision and tracking performance
  • Inbuilt image stabilizer help in both image and video stabilization
  • 12 photos per second with continuous shooting upto 60 frames with AF and AE
  • Subject tracking most recommendable feature
  • Breathtakingly clear and natural details at 24.3 MPs
  • Filmed exclusively with A77II  continuous AF
  • 3 ” LCD wwhich is fully articulated
  • 12 FPS , 24.3 MPs, Mini HDMI, Battery life and backup is satisfactory
  • It’s silent features are really recommendable and also user friendly
  • The menu bar is so simple that a new user can also get it’s full fleged operations in a while
  • It”s price range in India is Rs. 80740/-



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