5 Smartphone Gadgets On Amazon below Rs.150/-


Diwali is on door and definitely you are going to grab the ongoing offers on Amazon or flipkart. There are a lot of products which are almost common. Here I am listing scrutinized “5 Smartphone Gadgets On Amazon below Rs.150/-” which you will find very beneficial. So for what you are waiting , let us directly land on the Discussion page.

1.  Mak Fashion Stereo Headphone:-

  • With awesome quality, design and concept this headphone will cost you around Rs.149/-
  • Earbuds are provided with extra grip which are of rubber make it’s look exclusive
  • It’s shape is of such type that it never will detach from your ear accidently
  • The grip is so soft that you can use it for a longer time time without any pain
  • The microphone provided with the headphone is awesome giving you clear and crisp recording
  • The cable of the headphone is so smooth that it got unharmed on accidently
  • The sound quality is much more than an average headphone and nobody after using it can not say about it’s demerits.

2.  Fashion Accessory Cable :-

  • If you have more than one handset then you have to carry their charger individually If you want to get your self free from this hassle then you must go for the “Fashion Accessory Cable”
  • In this assembly you will get cable of three types connected with USB port, it have quality function button from which you can switch different cable of usage
  • All the three cables have different slot which can be took out for their respective usage
  • This device make you free from bundle of charges and from this one device you will be able to charge at least three devices.
  • This accessory is very comfortable to carry when you are on travel.

3.   Quirky earbud cord wrap :-

  •     If you are carrying your headphone  or earphone then you may face difficulty in the functioning of that particular accessory
  • Solution is here which is quirky earbud case in which your earphone or headphone cable may be wrapped from which your cable may be unwrapped for usage.
  • This accessory will save your cable and time.
  • This accessory will cost Rs. 150 on Amazon  India.
  • This case is used not only for the wrapping work but also for the handset stand which can be use for video and audio recording simultaneously.

4.  Whistle key finder :- 

  • This key finder has an active sensor which is going to help you in finding your key location.
  • This device is also fitted with LED flash light which makes you able to find your key even in darkness.
  • The LED flash light makes you able to find your key even in noisy surroundings.
  • The buzzer sound make you able to find your key even if your key is lost in isolated area.

5.  Sound Booster :-


  • This sound booster makes you able to enhance your audio device even without any external supply.
  • This device is made of rubber which is water and chemical resistant.
  • This devices focuses all the audio output at one place which is louder than an smartphone output.
  • You just have to push your smartphone output into this device and it will start working.

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