Double MSP for ORs of Indian Armed Forces, Rs.5200/—–>10400/-,Military Service Pay

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Keeping in mind the toughest job of indian armed forces msp was implemented from 2006.As 6th pay commission has recommended military service pay for armed forces. Subsequently msp of Rs.2000/- per month was implemented. But that value was very meager w.r.t the nature of job of indian Armed forces.Hence demands were further uplifted regarding the hike in MSP for Indian Armed Forces. After the implementation of 7th pay commission , this value was raised to Rs.5200/- per month.

Now on the eve of New year , the ORs of Indian Armed Forces are ready to get further hike on Military Service Pay upto Rs.10400/-. Residing on the Pin point of Gun these Armed forces will get double MSP. Army General Bipin Rawat has given his assent on this Double MSP. After the completion of formalities by the finance ministry , these hiked rates may be implemented from next month.As we all know that as per implementation of 7th pay commission the revised rates of the MSP are Rs.5200/- per month. As you may know that this rate are different for Officers and Ors despite being the same level of toughness.

As we all know that National Anomaly Committee is working on the abnormalities faced by the Central Govt Employees. The issue of MSP was also included as an abnormality in NAC list. According to higher officials of Indian Army, NAC has assent on the Double MSP for Ors of Indian Armed Forces.Green stick has been shown by the army General in this regards. Now the balancing issue are of Finance ministry, after which it will be implemented.
One point Should be noted that there is no change in Rates of Military Service Pay MSP for Ranks other than ORs. As we all know this rate is Rs.15,500/- for Officers having Rank of Brigadier and more.Also this rate of Military Service Pay MSP pegged at Rs.10,800/- for Military Nursing Service MNS.

40 thoughts on “Double MSP for ORs of Indian Armed Forces, Rs.5200/—–>10400/-,Military Service Pay

  1. Sir, i retired from air force wef 31.5.2005 as a SGT on completion of 20 years of service. Sir am i eligible for MSP.

    Kindly clarify.

    1. No boss, you are only applicable MSP wef 01 Jan 2016 as a whole and your old pension alreay revised including MSP.


  2. Sir the main reason behind to increase msp is that msp should equal for officers and other rank.msp in any case should not be less than mns officer ie 10800.00 government have to think about this status

    1. are absolutely correct. Because job of MNS is with only lipstick & cream..not with militants nor fighting forces. But jcos/or are combatant. Thanks.

  3. This fucking job is done for only jco’s..
    Again this is severe hit to the dignity of havildar/sergeants/petty officer and belows..

  4. Sir am nk v k verma on service am aplicable for double msp bkz sum news is say only jco is aplicable for new msp pl tell me

  5. while all ranks are serving in the military for the safeguard of our Nation then how can the PBORs are discouraged in MSP . They are not serving in any Home Guard.

  6. Sir, i retired from Indian Navy wef 31.5.2004 as a Petty Officer on completion of 15 years of service. Sir am i eligible for MSP.

    Kindly clarify.

  7. Due to difference of Rs 10000 between MSP for PBOR vis a vis officers, there is a huge gap of Rs 5000 in pension of JCOs and honorary commissioned officers even after equal service and equal suffering of military toughness. This gap should be brought down to ZERO. HENCE, ALL RANKS SHOULD GET EQUAL MILITARY SERVICE PAY.

  8. MSP should be equal for all ranks in armd forces. ..Other ranks are real workers..JCO and officers orders only……risks for other ranks is more than JCO and officers

  9. MSP 10400 is applicable to all jcos and ors.It will be effective from jan 2016.pre 2016 pensioners will get there Msp only when OROP is revised in 2019 1 July.

  10. if you talk about justice, then MSP should be equal to all ranks. otherwise bias toh har koi hai iss Des mein. Election winner ko thenga, looser ko ministry, then what else you expect from such people of this country.

  11. MSP should be equal to all rank and there should not be any doubt.In military forces risk factor for PBOR is more than officer and jco’s As per risk factor MSP for PBOR should be more than Officer & Jco.But here we r demanding for equal MSP only nothing else.But I don’t know that what is the problem going on with Govt.i request to govt please kind attention on this.

  12. Agreed to. The MSP should be equal for all ranks including officer as all are serving the Nation with no degree of Low and High. However, while it has been graded as Officer, MNS and JCO/OR, then why it should be different for JCOs.

  13. Dog fight has started among the Jawans ie JCO vs Non JCO jawan and all officer will enjoy this moment because aaj tak wo kabhi aise nahi lade and hamesa jeete. Divide and rule will give baba ji ka thulu.

  14. Offrs n jcos doing their job 100% so govt hike their MSP.. .
    I think Jawan (ORs) not working theirs duties very well so govt rejected…
    A soldier

  15. What was going on??? Our govnment is avoid Indian Army soldiers.becz we have no Union no leaders.what will do….now a days in india lowest salary is only in Indian Army ors compared to other central government job.modi government has no think about our brave soldiers.

    no one is going to see our views, though typing is a waste, still I cannot keep mum

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