10 thoughts on “Closure of PLI ,Postal Life Insurance,Saving Bank Account Service in APS, Army Postal Services

  1. I have already visited the APO today in bikaner And they are saying that we can only surrender the policy now but they not having any authority to transfer it yet.
    we have to wait until.
    How’s it possible all the formation have passed their orders and these people are still misleading us.
    so many army mens are affected from these situations.

  2. At Kolkata post office, they are also saying that “we are not aware” regarding closure of PLI. Friends this is our very hard earned money, how can we surrender it. All policies of PLI should be transferred to civil post office or government should bear our losses otherwise we have to knock the door of court.

    1. My police is two year short to complete it s 2 Lakh police If I surrender how much I get per month 1150 Rs premium

  3. Sir I want to close my pli policy my monthly premium is 1135/- the policy had completed 9 yrs and 7 months of tenure so I request you to inform the surrender amount of my policy…..
    Thanku… For the same…

  4. Sir, I have visited APO today he told that wait for transfer of PLI. He does not have any confirmation for transfer of PLI. What I have to do sir please guide me

    1. If they are not deducting premium from your salary then please pay it directly at APO till policy got transferred to civil postal circle

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