Mass Dharna at All State Capitals on 17 Oct 2017 By Central Govt Employees

7th CPC

Central Govt employees are going to participate in a mass strike on 17 October 2017 along with Gramin Dak Sevak , GDS Employees. The forth mentioned  letter is published on employees union have all details regarding charter of demands carried forward by central government employees in ” Mass Dharna at All State Capitals on 17 Oct 2017 By Central Govt Employees “.

17th OCTOBER 2017


As already told in the Conf. CHQ letter dated 07.09.2017, all heads of different departments and associated  organisation are requested to held Mass Dharna at all capitals of state on 17th October 2017 for implementation of  sudden agreement on 21 points Charter of Demands of Confederation of Central Government Employees & Workers.

M. Krishnann

Secretary General

of Confederation

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1.       As assurance was given by Indian government Ministers to National Joint Council of Action on 30th June 2016 and 6th July 2016, for increment in minimum pay and multification factor. Demand of revised HRA at the rate of  30%, 20% and 10% with effect from 01-01-2016. Short out all the anomalies coming out after the implementation of 7th pay commission.

2.      As two options was provided for pension revision of Retired employees but now demand is to implement only option-I.

3.     Diseffect PFRDA Act and Contributory Pension Scheme and  pensioner and Family Pensioner of all Central Government Department recruited after 01.01.2004 should be given new benefits under CCS (Pension) Rules 1972.

4.      All GraminDakSewaks of Postal department should be treated as Civil Servants, and all facilities of departmental employees like pay, pension, allowances etc. of departmental employees  must be granted to Gramin Dak Sevak Employees.

5.     A lot of employees are working on casual, contract, part-time, contingent and Daily rated mazdoors Basis, there is an atmost need to regularize them and they should be grant equal pay and other benefits.

6.     (a)  The size of Govt departments is decreasing but workload is increasing, Private industries are making their strong hold in got departments, Indigenous Resources are reducing and employees have to work on contract basis, All these formulation and regulation should be removed.

(b)  For the closing of Government of India Presses,a movement has proposed that should be rejected.

7.       The arbitrary applied rule of the central government for grant of Modified Assured Career progression has been increased from the “Good” to “Very Good” benchmark which created a lot of disappointment among central govt employees. So it should be abolished back to “Good” benchmark. Those service personnel who are promoted on the basis of examination should be treated as fresh entrants to the cadre for grant of MACP.

8.       (a) As the framed draconian FR 56 (J) and Rule 48 of CCs (Pension) Rules 1972 should be abolished because this rule has been misused a number of times and government employees should be freed from this old fashion rule and regulation.

(b)   All the attacks on trade union provisions should be abolished and sickness of all trade union should be done away.

9.       All the empty posts supplemented with the promotional posts should be filled up in a time bound way. The imposed ban on the creation of posts should be removed. If there is the requirement of the employees then employees should be first picked up from  cadre prospects. The present rules for the recruitment of the Group-C Employees should be modified and and recruitment should be based on the regional basis.

10.     The 5 percent boundation  on compassionate appointments of spouse of the central govt employees should be removed and appointment letter should be given to all eligible cases.

11.     In the service career of all Central Government employees at least five promotion should be provided.

12.     Finish and enhance all Lower Division Clerks(LDC) to Upper Division Clerks(UDC).

13.     Ensure equality in wage for all stenographers, Assistants, Ministerial Staff in lower hierarchical offices and in all organized Accounts departments with Central Secretariat staff by increasing their payment scales. The nice pay scale of Drivers in Lok Sabha Secretariat should be extended to the Drivers working in all other Central Government Departments.

14.    In view of the child care leave 7th CPC had recommended no payment of Child care leave but Union wants that for second year 80% of the full pay should be paid and retain the existing provision.

15.     Introduction of  Productivity Linked bonus in all the organisations and carry forward the present bi-lateral agreement on Productivity linked bonus wherever it has it’s presence.

16.     Ensure without cash, hurry free medical cure to all  employees of central govt & Pensioners in all permitted Government and self organised hospitals.

17.     Revision of  Extra/Over time Allowance (OTA) and Night Duty Allowance (NDA) with effect from 01 Jan 2016 based on 7th pay commission payment scale.

18.     Revision of salary of Central Government employees in each five years.

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